The Key (Or Not) to “Savoy Truffle”

It’s been said many times that The Beatles had virtually no formal music training. While that is literally true, they were highly educated, and hugely motivated, listeners. They absorbed influences from everywhere: from music hall to church music and classical to American rock n’ soul, and beyond.

In other words, they had “huge ears.”

It shows in the inventiveness of their songwriting. They were rarely content with the usual 3-chord, 12-bar structure of many of the era’s hits. (Though, of course, there’s nothing wrong with a stomping, 3-chord rocker.) Many of their songs had unusual chord changes and harmonic structures.

“Savoy Truffle” is an excellent example.

Our pal, and creator of the “Deconstructing the Beatles” series, Scott Freiman, takes a look at the many clever twists in this musical confection. You don’t have to be a music-theory nerd to enjoy this clip, but it’ll be even cooler if you are.

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2 comments on “The Key (Or Not) to “Savoy Truffle”

  1. Superbly done!
    Thanks, Scott!

  2. Great vid, thanks for this ‘sweet take’ on a great song!

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