Jimi Hendrix – The Game

The question he asked is, “Are you experienced?” And now, fans of Jimi Hendrix can dive deeper through a brand-new series of games and trivia, based on his lyrics and music. The Jimi Hendrix Experience is the first time Hendrix’s music has been presented within a gaming format and is officially licensed by his estate. It’s just been released via Play.Works, a leader in the super-hot space of Connected TV (CTV) games and is available right now on Roku; it will soon roll out to other platforms.

For the many fans of virtual gaming, this is a fresh way to indulge in the groundbreaking music of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. As they level up via their knowledge of rock history, players will get closer to unlocking goodies like access to unreleased Hendrix photos and more. A second part to The Jimi Hendrix Experience rolls out later this year, focusing on a video trivia game. If you’re a complete classic rock nerd like we are, you’ll appreciate the challenge!

For example: what was Jimi’s first instrument? Answer: a ukulele. At 14, he was helping his dad clean out an older neighbor’s home and found one which only had one string. He learned to play single notes by ear, following along to songs like “Hound Dog.”

Hendrix would’ve been 80 this year; his step-sister Janie notes that the gaming platform is a way to keep his legacy going: “…he continues to appeal to people of all ages and walks of life.  The Play.Works game and video trivia are an excellent way to reintroduce his magic and music to a whole new generation.”

Considering that the TV dominates the home entertainment space more than ever, it’s an uncharted avenue for the Hendrix vision, one that will allow his fans to experience this rock legend in unexpected ways.

-The CS Team

Photo:  Play.Works

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4 comments on “Jimi Hendrix – The Game

  1. William Whalen

    Step Sister. Not his Sister.

  2. Keith Bradley

    Janie trying to squeeze more money for her greedy self,she cares. nothing about his music or his legacy, Jimi barely knew her all she was is a STEP SISTER

  3. David Taylor I

    Jimi was a one off. Never to be replaced. Keep the Hendrix legercy alive and running. His music will always flo through musicians mind. I am a bass player and did meet Noel Redding one of my idols.. David Taylor. Wyte wytch rock band..

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