Why Is This Beatle Song So D**n Beautiful?

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ICYMI, this is one of the most popular posts on our YouTube channel (which we hope you’ll check out). In it, our friend Scott Freiman of our Deconstructing the Beatles series breaks down the particular magic behind one of the Beatles’ most beautiful songs.

-The CS Team

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4 comments on “Why Is This Beatle Song So D**n Beautiful?

  1. Instant goosebumps
    A lovely song

  2. Paul had a way with the ballads. I can’t decide which is my favorite, “And I Love Her” or “For No One.”

  3. I saw this clip in Deconstructing The Beatles, which if you haven’t seen all the episodes, they’re well worth the money.
    I am always amazed at the lyric writing of Paul & John. How they can turn a true story into a great song. Paul’s Penny Lane tells exactly what he saw growing up. John’s Ballad Of John & Yoko tell exactly his whirlwind time trying to get married. With these songs we can imagine what and where they were at certain times in their life. We can imagine, but they’re not imaginary, they are all so true & real.

  4. Richard Hoffman

    Wonderful explanation of the beauty of this song. One small point: The “Picardy Third” is a Baroque device (perhaps originating in the late Renaissance). It’s definitely not “Medieval” (a period before the major-minor system was relevant)!

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