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Sexiness Is Next to Godliness

“Don’t cry, he is coming, don’t die without knowing the cross” Is that a quote from a Christian rock song? Nope, it’s a line in the song “The Cross” from Prince’s multi-platinum album Sign o’ the Times. Then there’s this line from “If I Was

Guardian Three Little Pigs ad

The Three Little Pigs: Victims or Perps?

Partisans of both left and right lament what they see as biased media coverage. The press is too hard on favored candidates and too easy on opponents. Editors are accused of ignoring facts inconvenient to their preferred story. And this primary season has taught us


Andy Partridge Looks Back at XTC

XTC was one of the great post-punk bands of the 80s. They created cleverly-written, tightly-played tunes that made you want to dance to subjects as dark as war (“Generals and Majors”) and abortion (“Respectable Street”). Andy Partridge’s clear, stinging vocals zeroed in on harsher aspects

“Make Your Own Damned Sandwich”

We live in a Golden Age of women comedians: Amy Schumer, Kathy Griffin, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Silverman and Tina Fey to name only a few. But for every one that makes it to the stage for Emmies and other awards, there are dozens of incredibly

Digging Deeper Into Prince’s Musical Legacy

With an artist whose work is as varied as Prince’s, there’s virtually no end to the paths one can take to explore his career. This made him an ideal subject for CultureSonar‘s first podcast. There’s no denying the impact – and greatness – of the