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When “Droning On” Is a Really Good Thing

While we’re all debating the role of drones in other walks of life, they’re transforming the visual arts by breaking the ‘third wall’ of two-dimensional film-making and creating stunning images unconstrained by stationary camera positions. This lovely and moody piece won Best of Show for

We Owe Paris

Did you know Samuel Morse was an accomplished painter before he developed the code that bears his name and changed telegraphy forever? Did you know Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., among many others, studied medicine in Paris and brought his knowledge home, to the great benefit

Craftsmen and Artists Work in All Media — Including Tomatoes

I’m an honorary Italian-American. As one of the few Jewish kids growing up in a primarily Roman and Irish Catholic town, my friend Sal would regularly invite me over to his family’s house for Sunday gravy. In New York City and surrounding areas, and especially

Different Sides of the Tracks Yet Same Heart

Two of our pals recently released short films which, at first glance, couldn’t be more different. “How Was Your Day” examines the subtle emotional pas de deux between a mom and her teenage daughter as they navigate their blessedly normal suburban days. “Boyz Under the

Indie Music. Indie Film. Indie Food?

With gift-giving season now officially upon us, we all want to avoid adding another “thing” to people’s lives just because it’s the thing to do. is a wonderful option. They curate all sorts of food, snacks, condiments and booze. All are from small-batch, labor-of-love producers.