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Six Lessons from Lifetime Movies

There are days when all you can do is lay on the couch with an afghan (and a kitty) across your lap, and a bag of chips nearby. Those days are perfect for a good bingewatch of junk TV. And when it comes to “junk

Petrified of Making Small Talk? Here’s the Answer

You’ve done it. You made it through another Thanksgiving/ Hanukkah / Christmas/ Festivus/ New Year’s entertainment season. The excruciating time of year when you are forced to make small talk with people you only socialize with once a year and have absolutely nothing in common

Is Snoop Dogg the Next Howard Cosell?

Is there anything more predictable than interviews with jocks? Sideline and post-game interviews are a Lego system of interchangeable cliches and false modesty (“I really just have to thank my teammates for what they did today”). But every now and again someone shatters the interview

Bet You Can’t Watch Just Once

Let’s start at the beginning. God Only Knows, about to celebrate its 50th (!) anniversary, is one of the most beautiful records of the of the 20th century. Written by Brian Wilson and Tony Asher, and featured on the Beach Boys’ masterpiece, Pet Sounds, it

Bolshoi Babylon: The Dark Side of the Dance World

From the plush seats in the theater, ballet seems to embody a world that is elegant, genteel and oh-so-classy. But the truth has always been darker. In some cases, a whole LOT darker. The relatively short careers, combined with ferocious competition, can lead to desperate