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Charles Dickens Public Domain

From Dickens to Bingeing: The Roots of Serial Television

The trend of binge watching, along with the release of entire seasons at once in some cases, has interesting implications for television narrative. We can see the effect of this new mode of consumption in some of the recent offerings from Netflix and Amazon, which

take my wife seeso

“Take My Wife”: Seeso’s Breakout Hit

Never heard of Seeso? It’s a relatively new streaming site devoted exclusively to comedy. A cross between Netflix and Funny or Die, with a delightfully extensive section of classic British TV (Fawlty Towers and Monty Python, anyone?) and more stand-up clips than you could ever

Deutschland 83 PR

¡Fantástico! 5 Must-See Foreign Language TV Shows

Foreign films have long been part of American movie-going diets. Even the Oscars have a category for it. But now, thanks to a number of recent series — Deutschland 83, Gomorrah, Narcos, Occupied, The Returned — subtitles are also periodically appearing on our TV screens, too. Suddenly our viewing

for the love of spock documentary

“For the Love of Spock”: A Salute to Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek‘s behind-the-scenes history has been explored almost as thoroughly as the galaxy within its fictional universe. Considering that makes it better documented than some real-world civilizations, it’s not unreasonable to wonder if we need another documentary about it. However, when the subject is Star

She Loves Me on Broadway PR

BroadwayHD: Now Streaming the Magic of Theater

Bonnie Comley and Stewart F. Lane aren’t just fans of Broadway. They’re producers on Broadway, too. Tony Award-winning producers, no less. Credits include A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder (Best Musical, 2014), War Horse (Best Play, 2011) and Jay Johnson: The Two and Only