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jerry seinfeld

Seinfeld Before the Coffee Shop

A new Netflix special has Jerry Seinfeld going back to his comedic roots.

brian brushwood

Brian Brushwood Conquers YouTube One Show at a Time

Brian Brushwood wears many hats — comedian, magician, podcast host, author — so it goes to follow that when he decided to take his many talents to YouTube, he wouldn’t come up with one single show. In fact, to date he’s launched well over a

Kurt Braunohler Trust Me PR

Comic Kurt Braunohler Isn’t Afraid of Going Way Out There

Comedian Kurt Braunohler has a history of taking risks across many platforms. He hosts the weekly variety show Hot Tub with Kristen Schaal and a Nerdist podcast called The K Ohle and even once had an improvisational game show called Bunk on IFC. Online, he’s

Donald Glover Public Domain Pic

Donald Glover: What Can’t the Star of “Atlanta” Do?

With the passing of James Brown, the multi-talented Donald Glover may very well be known as the hardest working man in show business. If you can sing it, write it, joke about it, or look good wearing it, he’s done it, and done it to critical

Where Comedy Meets Mental Illness

Comedian Maria Bamford skips down the street while stealing balloons and shouting, “I feel French!” Soon thereafter, she coos to the camera, in a shampoo-commercial voice, those corny cliches you might read on the bottom of a yogurt top or inside the discarded wrapper of