When’s the Right Time to Get a Tattoo?

Some of us have a tattoo (maybe more than one). More of us have at least thought about it somewhere along the line. But at what point has that particular ship sailed? Are you ever too old to get a tattoo, if you secretly still want one? In our latest episode of Am I Too Old to…, our ever-adventuresome host Maddie Corman ventures onto the streets of New York City, with discreet (a.k.a. temporary) ink to see if she can make it work. As always, folks have plenty to say about it. What do you think? Share in the comments below.

Editor’s Note: Click here to watch every episode of Am I Too Old to.. with Maddie Corman.

-The CS Team

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3 comments on “When’s the Right Time to Get a Tattoo?

  1. Maddie Corman

    show us YOUR ink…. leave photo comments here!

  2. Yeah Maddie!!! You’ve done it again – I’d go with the pink hair though. Doris is rocking it.

  3. There is no age limit in art! Such a lovely place you have it there. You are indeed rocking it!

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