Author: Don Klees

Don Klees has spent many years in the video business. This continues to enrich his life in many ways, chief among them being able to tell people he watches television for a living. An avid consumer of pop – and sometimes not-so-popular – culture, his spare time is devoted to putting his film production degree to use on a documentary about the old-time radio cult-classic Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.
Bleak Expectations Courtesy of BBC Radio

Nothing Bleak but the Title

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of story Charles Dickens would have come up with if he’d written sitcoms instead of serialized novels.

Van Morrison 2004 Courtesy of Getty

Caravan of Morrison

With the passage of time, Van Morrison’s music now appeals more to this writer’s contemplative side.

Alan Rickman Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images

What About Bob (and Alan)?

His most famous role may be in the “Harry Potter” movies but Alan Rickman’s best may be in “Bob Roberts.”