Stevie Nicks Blazed A Trail: Who’s Following Her?

Music is a ladder. Artists are inspired by the folks who came before them, they build on those influences and, in turn, inspire a new generation. Rung by rung, we collectively reach higher. That’s the idea behind our new video series, Back n’ Forth, where writer/musician Allison Rapp looks “back” at a legendary performer — and “forward” to examine someone she thinks is a worthy contemporary counterpart. What better subject to kick off the series than Stevie Nicks?

Stevie Nicks is influential in so many ways. A singer, songwriter, role model, trailblazer, and survivor, she helped write the playbook on how to be a woman mega-star. Through it all, she maintained a unique, fierce point of view.

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We’ll keep the identity of Allison’s current-artist pick a secret here, so you can see for yourself in the episode.

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We hope you enjoy it. A bunch more are on the way. Please let us know which Back n’ Forth pairs you’d like to see!

(Stevie Nicks photo courtesy of Getty Images)


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  1. Jim Szwedo

    Have you heard Spanking Charlene from Brooklyn NY she can rock with the best of them. Check out her CD’s or You Tube.

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