Video: 10 Beatlesque Bands

Ken Womack and Scott Freiman

In their latest Facebook Live discussion Beatles experts Scott Freiman (Deconstructing the Beatles) and Ken Womack (The Beatles Encyclopedia) propose five bands each that they believe qualify as Beatlesque. But what does that mean exactly? As Womack says “Beatlesque” is often used to describe the “early ’60s sound that is associated with the British invasion.” But in truth, the term should encompass something much larger. States Freiman, “Beatlesque” really should refer more to a “band that doesn’t necessarily stay in the same mode but can evolve.” So what bands qualify with those thoughts in mind? Watch the video below and find out.

– CultureSonar Team

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8 comments on “Video: 10 Beatlesque Bands

  1. Dean Zawacki

    You mentioned Todd Rundgren. I think he deserves a ranking as Beatlesque. He took over for George producing Badfinger (another extremely Beatlesque band that was left off the list) when George got too busy with Bangladesh. Todd writes wonderfully creative and infectious music, and even did a whole Beatlesque album (Deface the Music.) But my Number One Beatlesque band (that didn’t even get a mention) is the Raspberries. From Cleveland Ohio (which has been a Beatle stronghold from the very beginning and was on several Beatles US tours, including the very first one), The Raspberries homage to the Fabs is obvious. Eric Carmen is channeling McCartney all the way, and the bands rich backup vocals are incredible and call to mind the early Beatles at their best.

  2. I am in complete agreement on XTC as your top choice. Go no further that “No Language in Our Lungs” to feel the kinship with Black Sea and Abbey Road. Fun conversation, thanks.

  3. Based on your definition of what made a band/artist Beatlesque, I am surprised no one mentioned Elvis Costello.

  4. G.M. DeWitt

    I think that ignoring Oasis and The Jam is a mistake, but I’m glad that Scott and Ken included more contemporary bands and sounds like Flaming Lips and Radiohead. Very entertaining. Thanks!

  5. Another artist whose description matches that of Radiohead and Prince is Beck. As an artist who lives on the bleeding edge of pop culture, is equal parts high art and pop perfection, and is incredibly adept at reinventing himself, I think he very much deserves to be part of this discussion.

  6. Gary Field

    Badfinger, The Raspberries, XTC (mid – late period), The Spongetones, Bee Gees (up to ’72)

  7. […] (Weezer), and Noel Gallagher (Oasis) — all of whom have a long track record of writing sunny, Beatlesque tunes. The record is produced by Fountains Of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger, who also contributes a […]

  8. Bill Wagg

    Raspberries, Pilot, Hudson Brothers are three that I can think of right away!

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