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Better than the Cliffs Notes: “War and Peace” on Cable

I have never attempted to conquer the nearly 1,300 pages of Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel War and Peace. But I did just conquer the six-hour War and Peace miniseries that aired on A+E Networks (A&E, Lifetime and HISTORY) – and I loved it. If you

The Adele of the ’80s

She had one of the most distinctive voices of the 80s New Wave scene. Alison Moyet’s warm, bluesy voice wove through the sinuous synth lines (as performed by keyboardist Vince Clarke) of Yazoo hits like “Situation” and “Don’t Go.” Yazoo formed in 1982; by 1983,

Idiotic Coach. Brilliant Way to Sell Soccer.

The National Football League season may be over for now, but the “other” football is still going strong in England. The Barclays Premier League (whose season ends in late May) is actually a huge hit here in the U.S., with the NBC Sports Group paying

Pee-wee Is Back. And Not a Moment Too Soon.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the country is in a cranky mood. With election season heating up, folks on both sides of the aisle are feeling contentious. If there were ever a “Can’t we all just get along?” moment – this is it. Thankfully, Pee-wee Herman is

Nothing Bleak but the Title

One of the truest signs of loving a style of music or type of story is being able to laugh at its conventions and (sometimes) clichés. This is why the best parodies – for example, A Mighty Wind and Christopher Guest‘s other mockumentaries – are