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Tonbruket: Swedish Sound Factory

Dan Berglund, 53, is a Swedish bass player who became noteworthy in the 1990’s as part of the Esbjörn Svennson Trio (e.s.t.). They were considered by some to be the preeminent European jazz ensemble of their time, at least measured by the number of such

Cyndi Lauper Takes a “Detour”

Cyndi Lauper will forever be known as that crazy girl dancing down the New York City streets in the 1983 video for “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Or any number of pop-themed MTV offerings. Before “Girls,” some of us knew her as the frontwoman for

Prince, Todd, RuPaul, and Me

Prince and I did not get off, so to speak, on the good foot. While he would ultimately influence me – both personally and musically – as much as Bowie or The Beatles (my Trinity), his presence initially challenged the most important friendship of my

Feelin’ Stronger Every Day

Almost 50 years after the band’s formation, Chicago was finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 8, 2016. In a flawless set during the ceremony, aired on HBO on April 30, they performed mega-hits “Saturday in the Park” and “25

The Pain and Pleasure of Going “All In”

What does it take to be great? Not “great” in the sense of Abe Lincoln or Michelangelo, necessarily, but just great at – something. The answer is almost always some variation on “passion and total commitment.” It sounds good on paper, but is just so