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A Glimpse Into the Future of Music

The March 13 issue of The New York Times Magazine is in spectacular form with an entire installment devoted to 25 songs that – their title – tell us where music is going. It’s a mix of tunes that’s as eclectic as it is encyclopedic,

We Are All Together: George Martin and “I Am the Walrus”

Much has been written about George Martin, producer and some would say virtual member of The Beatles. I would like to focus on one song, and the way it exemplifies Martin’s unique ability to commingle classical techniques and pop arranging values. “I Am the Walrus”

The Dog Days of Dancing

When I was a 9-year-old budding ballerina, I vividly remember entering the studio, giggling to my friend over some conversation we’d started in the lobby. My teacher gave us “the look,” and sternly told both of us to go out and re-enter “like a dancer.”

Because, well, cats…

A curious anthropological phenomenon is popping up all over the world. Humans are traveling far and wide to drink coffee surrounded by cats. It’s not just teenage girls in Tokyo anymore. Cat lovers from all walks of life are flocking to cat cafés worldwide in

A Place Where Everybody Calls You Names

What can you buy with $5 anymore? A couple of gallons of gas, a fancy cappuccino, a lottery ticket or, perhaps, an episode of Louis CK‘s latest web series, Horace and Pete. You’ll be tempted to assume that this show, about a century-old family run