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the strain

“The Strain”: FX’s Master Take on the Undead

The vampire myth gets a unique treatment from “Hellboy” auteur Guillermo del Toro.

game of thrones

Whose Bloodlust Rules on “Game of Thrones”?

From Arya Stark to the Lannister siblings, there’s some big competition for the most bloodthirsty character.

star trek songs

Space Age Music: 5 Songs From “Star Trek”

Uhura on vocals and Spock on Vulcan harp? Beam us up!

penny dreadful

“Penny Dreadful” Gave Three Seasons of Top-Dollar Entertainment

Showtime’s Victorian-era horror saga featured characters from “Dracula” and “Frankenstein.”

girl power

TV’s Summer of Girl Power

Too hot to go out? “Daytime Divas,” “Claws,” and “Gypsy” are are all highly entertaining new series on TV.