5 Questions With John Dylan

john dylan

“If you wait for inspiration, it’s a losing game.” So says John Dylan, the talented multi-instrumentalist who burst on the alt music scene as a member of the groundbreaking “psych rock” group Terrene. And while Dylan goes on to cite The Beatles’ jazzy bass line, Dave Grohl’s insane drumming, and Jimi Hendrix’s satirical electric guitar all as early influences, he opts for a happier ending when considering which band of yesteryear he’d like to join. Can you guess what it is? Watch this video to find out. You’ll get a pretty good “three guys walk into a bar” joke out of it, too.

BTW, Klaus Voormann, who designed the legendary album cover for The Beatles’ Revolver, created John’s latest album art. How’s that for a cool connection?

– The CS Team

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