Who’s Your Lyft Driver? Surprise! It’s Shaq

Shaq Public Domain Image

One of the most watched ads on YouTube earlier this year featured the irrepressible Shaquille O’Neal disguised as a pranking Lyft driver in Atlanta. Barely concealing his massive 7-foot frame are various preposterously comic getups – ZZ-Top beards, rasta dreads and fanciful eyewear.

Shaq the Chauffeur is filmed joking, singing and generally putting on his unsuspecting passengers until finally pulling off fake mustaches and specially-constructed costumes to share the joke with his foils. Adding to the merriment is his engaging, self-deprecating humor about his basketball and acting careers (legendarily bad at free throws and Kazaam).

This uncomplicated spot puts a smile on your face from start to finish due both the the quality of the pranks and Shaq’s infectiously likeable personality. Tune in and get ready to laugh out loud.

Of course, Shaq isn’t the only celebrity to do an “Undercover Lyft” spot. Demi Lovato, Danica Patrick, Jerry Rice, and DJ Khaled are some of the others who have taken the wheel to surprise naive passengers. You can watch those ads here.

Steve Harty

Photo Credit: Public domain image of Shaq.

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