The Omnipresence of Prince

Prince Year Tribute


At CultureSonar, there are certain artists with work so rich — and a discography so deep — that they merit going back to again and again: The Beatles, David Bowie, and Bob Dylan all come to mind. But what’s revealing about Prince is how often he surfaces in our “best of” lists. A round up spotlighting pop songs about cars? There’s Prince’s “Little Red Corvette.” A list of the best Super Bowl Halftime shows ever? There’s Prince again. And so, in loving memory of the Purple One, we hereby pull together some features reminding us why Prince will always rank among the best of the best.

10 Albums That Defined Being a Teen in the ’80s
“So damn talented that he can’t really be compared to anyone, he recharged us with his electric sexuality that gave us permission to defy convention.”

10 Albums for Getting High
“The album [Around the World in a Day] is thoroughly wiggy, funny… and unmistakably bold in a decidedly non-commercial way.”
[amazon template=right aligned image&asin=B00005NO9L] The Radio Edit Hall of Shame
“What’s excised: Lisa Coleman’s backup singing at the end of ‘Little Red Corvette.’ What’s lost: a sense of closure.”

Top 10 Songs About Cars
“Equal parts R&B, pop and funk, this transcendent piece [‘Little Red Corvette’] of vintage Prince inspires spirited debates about its lyrics even today.”

Top 10 Super Bowl Half Time Shows
“The *ahem* iconic image of his ‘guitar silhouette’ will forever live in infamy… and he plays the guitar like he invented it.”

In Memoriam 2016
“You know our respect is great since CultureSonar devoted its first-ever podcast to The Purple One.”

– CS Team

PS. For more Prince coverage, check out our feature about The Purple One’s many personalities or this post on Dwight Yoakam’s cover of “Purple Rain.”

Photo Credit: Cindy Ord / Stringer (Courtesy of Getty Images)

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  1. Ellen Fagan

    Gosh, now I want to track down Lisa’s solo on Little Red Corvette. Great/sad lost detail!

  2. […] short — the rest is great fun, bizarre, even kooky. Is White carrying on the torches of Prince and Bowie?  He might be. “Corporation,” perhaps the album’s most alluring track, is a potent […]

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